Join Forces With the New Leaders

Mastermind Tribes for Emotionally Driven Business Development

Our Vision

We believe humanity is going through a huge shift in consciousness. More and more people start a business to create meaningful impact. It is a challenging path. Especially when you are doing it alone.

That is why we are gathering in tribes. Business as a vehicle for the transformation of humanity.

We are the New Leaders. We are Tribepreneurs!

A Community of Change Makers

Our Approach

Tribepreneurs is a platform for entrepreneurs who want to lift themselves and their business to a higher level. With a mastermind tribe you embark on an intense transformational journey which challenges you to grow personally and professionally.

We create a global network of changemakers. We connect you with others, who want to translate their visions into practical reality. We teach entrepreneur skills, both at a practical and a personal level.

Your Result

By joining a Mastermind Tribe you will:

  • Grow your business to make a lasting impact on society
  • Create an action plan in line with mission and core values
  • Experience breakthroughs in your personal and professional life
  • Be held accountable for your own success and achieve big goals
  • Be part of The New Leaders

What is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group is a peer-to-peer mentoring model. First described by Napoleon Hill, as 2 or more people coming together in harmony to help each other accomplish goals. The way we run them:

  • 5 Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
  • Focused on Business Growth
  • Virtual Meetings via Zoom

Your Platform for Transformation

We offer the following services to support your growth:

  • Weekly 1 hour Mastermind to share skills, network and resources
  • Mastermind Year Program for continuous action and momentum
  • Transformational Leadership Program for Visionaries
  • Live Tribe Gatherings throughout the year for physical connection
  • Business Directory to connect you with other Changemakers
After a mastermind meeting

Join a Free Mastermind Try-Out

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