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​​The promises of running your own company are often huge. However, who talks about the shadow sides of self-employment? Who is talking about how difficult it actually is?

You Made the Choice

You once made the choice to do your own thing. Being an employee was not your path. You craved autonomy and freedom, in order to do what you love most.

It is a great privilege to organize your day yourself. And to decide for yourself how you want to earn your money. In addition, you get to chose how you want to help people. 

But … what is the downside?

The Lonely Journey as an Entrepreneur …

You are solely responsible for your progress. Limiting beliefs and saboteurs are lurking. In addition, it may be lonely to have to do it all by yourself. You probably have great friends and family with whom you feel connected.

But can they really see and feel you in your challenges as an entrepreneur? Can they empathize with your long-term plan with your company? With your dreams, your strategy and your deepest motives?

Why Choose a Difficult Path when you can do it together?

The journey through different indigenous tribes showed that things can be different. When you find a tribe with whom you resonate, everything becomes easier. You find recognition. And then you see that you are not the only one. Others provide powerful mirrors and a push where needed. Thus you encourage, support and inspire each other. You share knowledge, network and best practices with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Do you want that too?

Join a Tribe of Awakened Entrepreneurs

We bring people like you together in powerful tribes. We create a space for connection and safety through a clear structure. This ensures that you can do deep soul searching and decide the next moves together. You feel safe enough to become vulnerable and show the naked truth.

We do not claim that it is easy to build a business. We know from our own experience that running a company is a path full of uncertainty, taking risks and trying new things. Super scary sometimes. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a safety net around you for that? People who really understand and feel you. But also people who can walk with you in realizing your mission.

If you join a tribe of awakened entrepreneurs, you feel part of a family. You experience inspiration and a renewed energy. ​​As a result you live a balanced life. This means approaching entrepreneurship from a holistic perspective. You include self care and nurturing your being as an essential pillar of your company.

We all need help. We all need support. Join a tribe.