To All Awakening & Heart Driven Entrepreneurs: Your Tribe is Waiting for You!

Running your business alone can be lonely. Even when you work with a team, there is nothing like having your own sounding board of independent entrepreneurs who do not have a direct interest in your company. They will give you the reflections on your strategy and goals that will save you TONS of time.

  • Overcome overwhelm
  • Learn to set effective strategies to reach your goals
  • Install accountability to make procrastination a thing of the past
  • Experience unconditional support from other experienced business owners
  • Set SMART goals that will guarantee you the results you aspire to achieve
  • Grow together. Get inspired by the growth of others

Eliminate feelings of overwhelm and loneliness. Master your mindset. Master your time spending. Ultimate personal freedom, for you and those you love.

Join the 3 Month Mastermind Accelerator Program with Tribepreneurs!

3 Months Premium Mastermind Acceleration Program

During the 3 months you receive a training program with homework and exercises, peer mentoring, insights about marketing and sales and next level business strategies. All to help you build the business and life of your dreams.

We all need help. A mastermind group solves this issue for (solo) entrepreneurs. It is a private, confidential peer group of 4-6 individuals with whom you meet on a regular basis to set a strategy, create a plan, set goals, install accountability and go crush it.

The mastermind gives clarity about where you want to be in 5 years from now, then gives you a 3 year plan, yearly goals and quarterly themes to get there where you desire to be in 3-5 years from now. Through goal setting and accountability you install the necessity and focus to, prioritize regularly, come into serious action and stay on track no matter the adversities.

Real significant results. It won’t be easy. It WILL be VERY rewarding. With the mastermind group you master your mindset and thus master your life.

What will this program bring you?

Feel Supported

Get exclusive non-judgemental peer-to-peer mentoring in an environment that supports you to get the success you deserve

Save Precious Time

Save time by deciding what is most important for your business NOW, with the help of other experienced business owners

Upgrade Your Brain

Combined brain storming of the group will get you out of the box with refreshing insights. 

Install Accountability

Accountability of the group to help you to stay focused in between the meetings and reach your goals

Gain Energy

Your overall energy and motivation is multiplied. You leave the each sessions with more energy than you came.

Grow Faster

Get the Best practices of 15 years personal experience of personal development & scaling businesses

Get Clarity

This program will help you to set a clear direction based on your strategy and help you to accelerate and reach your goals.

Feel Inspired

Get inspiration from other business owners, see how they attack their dreams and start believing again that the impossible is possible.

What is a Mastermind Group?

  • Formal: It’s about business. You all have a clear goal. Keep it serious!
  • Structured: Clear agenda and strict time boxing. Stick to the plan
  • Focussed: 100% Focus on a single participant during hot-seat moment
  • Consistent: A Meeting every 2 weeks at the same time
  • Exclusive: a hand selected closed group of professionals
  • Productive: You help each other to grow and reach your goals
  • Confidential: What happens in the group stays in the group
  • Honest: 100% honesty. You say what it is. No different. Nothing more, nothing less
  • Encouraging: You lift each other to new heights by breaking through limiting patterns
  • Confronting: No nice talk. No avoidance of confrontation. Lovingly yet direct

The Benefits of a Mastermind Group:

  • Entrepreneur skills: You develop your entrepreneurial skills 5 times faster through the input of others about your challenges
  • Personal growth: Real growth happens outside of your comfort zone. The group pushes you to go there
  • Focus: Share your goals and action plan with others and you are much more likely to take massive action on it
  • Network: Your network is your net worth. Your network expands through the others
  • Knowledge: The life experience of the other peers will be readily available to you
  • Critical honest feedback: The help and insight of the others gives you fresh perspectives
  • Motivation: Each member shares successes, and challenges. Seeing them break through the challenges gives you the energy and belief you can also achieve this
  • Peer pressure: You keep each other accountable by sharing goals and plans
  • Comradery: Because of the level of openness, the vulnerability, sharing highs and lows, you build a group of friends for life.

Important Facts

  • The groups consist of a maximum 5 members
  • We personally select the members for each group according to their needs and their expertise
  • We are committed to gather highly motivated individuals with purpose driven businesses
  • You will meet up every two weeks for 2.5 hours, for a period of 3 months
  • Each meeting will be personally facilitated by either Daan or Reinier
  • What happens in the group stays in the group. You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement at the start of the program
  • If all members are native Dutch speaking, the meeting will be in Dutch
  • All other meetings will be conducted in English
I Get It, Let me Join!

Your first steps

Startup and kick-off day
We start with a full day on a Saturday, to create the bond with your new tribe of supportive like-minded entrepreneurs. That day you take the first steps to construct the foundation to guarantee acceleration during the meetings.

This means (re)defining your WHY, the HOW and the WHAT. The first day is essential to commit yourself to the challenges ahead. Nobody says it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

Mastermind meetings
After the kick-off meeting you receive training material and homework to crystallize your path for the upcoming three months. Others will challenge you to set ambitious and realistic goals.

You will be inspired by their ambitions and will experience curiosity about their upcoming victories.

Being part of a the Mastermind Program with Tribepreneurs has provided me with mirrors, support and challenges. There is tremendous value in coming together with a group that is diverse, yet upholds the same standards in terms of honesty, respect and integrity. It has been invaluable to both my personal and professional growth.


A well curated Mastermind Group brings together a group of excellent and diverse minded people. When the group is well run, like with Tribepreneurs, it becomes a valuable source of ideas, reflection and diversity. It is super practical because you get a true growth tribe that questions your doubts, feeds you suggestions and informs you if you're off-base.


Within the Mastermind Program of Tribepreneurs people are not afraid to open up and to tackle their challenges head on. The Hot Seat moment during the Mastermind meetings helped me a lot with self-reflection and my path to self-development.


If you ever have a chance to partake in the facilitated Mastermind Program of Tribepreneurs, then take it; one day soon you might wake up and be living your wildest dreams.


Without knowing much about the Mastermind Group concept, I was attracted to the idea of having a group of likeminded people that could support me. I never considered the importance of structure, time-keeping, hand gestures, and all the best practices that I got from you, so a big thank you for introducing me to the concept!!


“The creative thinking of the collective by far exceeds that of the individual” – Napoleon Hill

Do you have what it takes?

It is important to choose the right members! So read carefully if you resonate with this.

  • You want to massively cut your learning curve
  • You want to surround yourself with people who are serious about growth
  • You are willing to give AND open to receive
  • You know you have more potential and are eager to unleash it
  • You are smart and you know it
  • You have personal insight, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, attitudes and beliefs
  • You want to live more from the heart, and use the mind as a tool but not as the captain
For Who this is NOT?

Not everyone will be able to keep up with the brutal honesty, vulnerability and integrity that is required to function successfully in a growth tribe. We are very strict about our application and entry requirements. If you resonate with any of these items, the tribe is not for you.

  • You enjoy being in your comfort zone and rather stay there
  • You still have a lot of trauma’s and are easily triggered by others
  • You are unable to open up to others
  • You always need to be right
  • You are unwilling to help others grow
  • You are not ready to grow yourself
  • You are not ready to face your ‘demons’ (blind spots)
  • You act like a victim. The cause is always outside of you
  • You work only for money, and only for personal gain
Packaging and Bundling

Surrounding yourself with others who are moving in the same direction guarantees progress!

If you want to scale your business, being surrounded with others who want to do the same will skyrocket your progress. If you want to target a new market with existing services and products, the same story hold.

Surrounding yourself with others who are moving in the same direction guarantees constructive progress!


Kickstart day

A full on program to set the foundation for the 3 months

Mastermind Meetings

Two Accelerating Mastermind sessions per month personally facilitated by us

We Share Wisdom

Master the latest insights about marketing, sales, business processes and finances,

Training Material

Workbook with exercises to help you strategize your next moves


Personalized guidance and insights for your personal leadership

Agile Workflow

Lean agile & scrum techniques to massively improve your productivity and output

Buddy System

Buddy system to install a weekly accountability and check-in

Social Events

Social events for bonding with the other members, outside the mastermind sessions (only for live groups)

Real Time Support

Personal communication channels between the members and us

Soul Entrepreneur Package

885 (ex. VAT)

Virtual Groups (via Zoom)

1125 (ex. VAT)

Live Group @ Amsterdam

  • The 3 Months Mastermind Group Accelerator Program
  • Six one-on-one business coaching sessions of 45 min.

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(only 20 spots available)

Business Magnifier PackageMost Popular

1335 (ex. VAT)

Virtual Groups (via Zoom)

1575 (ex. VAT)

Live Group @ Amsterdam

  • The 3 Months Mastermind Group Accelerator Program
  • Six one-on-one business coaching sessions of 45 min.

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(only 10 spots available)

Face-to-Face & Virtual Groups

We offer 2 options. You can meet up live every two weeks in the Amsterdam area or every two weeks online. The virtual meetings take place via video conferencing software.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We highly recommend live meetups if that is possible for you. If you are unable to travel to the Amsterdam area, you can join the online program.

Groups 1 (online) & 3 (live) will meet every Monday. Group 1 meets from 15:00-17:00hrs GMT+2  online and group 3 meets from 1930 to 2200 Local Time in Amsterdam.

  • 29th of April
  • 13th of May
  • 27th of May
  • 11th of June (Tuesday instead of Monday because of Easter)
  • 24th of June
  • 8th of July

Dates for the 2019 Program

Groups 2 (online) & 4 (live) will meet every Wednesday. Group 2 meets from 1500-1700hrs GMT+2 online and group 4 meets from 0930 to 1200 Local Time in Amsterdam.

  • 1st of May
  • 15th of May
  • 29th of May
  • 12th of June
  • 26th of June
  • 10th of July

The Kick- off for the virtual groups takes place on the 17th and the 18th of April from 16:00 – 20:00h

Kick-off for the live meetups takes place on the 20th of April from 10:00 – 17:00h

Our Dream

We believe that this world is changing fast. Humanity is waking up. We are returning to the archaic way of living, where we once again reunite in tribes all over the world to bring back the magic we have lost through capitalism and individualism.

Our mission is simple. Empower the individual to transform the collective.

We believe in a world where the connection with ourselves and each other is restored. A world where everybody dares to present their authentic selves and live their passion. A world full of courage, discovery and ultimate personal freedom. Will you join the revolution?

The more people connect in mastermind groups, the more overall consciousness will grow in the individual and thus the collective. This will improve happiness and fulfilment in all areas of our lives. When we join forces with others on this path, the effects and results are dazzling.

We are ready for this new world!

Are you ready to Join?

Founders of Tribepreneurs

About Daan
For more than 8 years he has been organizing mastermind groups on social skills, online and social businesses and around masculinity.

Fond lover of life, of awakening, of growth, of transformation. Real lasting permanent transformations. Founding and building Tribepreneurs is a dream come true.

Guiding the last groups of the membership program of Tribepreneurs has confirmed his search for mission and purpose. Mission accomplished! Real deep lasting change with each of the members. It finally worked to model his personal experiences and transformations with the mastermind model, and to make it available for a wider audience. What a dream that has come true!

About Reinier
As an owner and CTO of a full-service internet agency, Reinier has more than 15 years of experience with entrepreneurship. He has started his business together with 2 other entrepreneurs right after his study and build a successful and sustainable company with more than 40 people.

Next to his professional experience, he is very passionate about personal and spiritual development. As growth is his most important value, he loves to share his knowledge to help people to be the best version of themselves.

Soul Entrepreneur Package

885 (ex. VAT)

Virtual Groups (via Zoom)

1125 (ex. VAT)

Live Group @ Amsterdam

  • The 3 Months Mastermind Group Accelerator Program
  • Six one-on-one business coaching sessions of 45 min.

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(only 20 spots available)

Business Magnifier PackageMost Popular

1335 (ex. VAT)

Virtual Groups (via Zoom)

1575 (ex. VAT)

Live Group @ Amsterdam

  • The 3 Months Mastermind Group Accelerator Program
  • Six one-on-one business coaching sessions of 45 min.

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(only 10 spots available)