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Feeling Lonely as Solo Entrepreneur

Feeling Lonely as a Solo Entrepreneur? How can a Peer Group help?

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It’s not easy to bring your gifts to the world in this time of increasing distractions. How do you manage your time? How do you stay focused? What will you do today that matters the most, to bring your vision into this world? Will do you think is best, and what will actually get you to where you desire to go? Read on to find out how a peer group can help you with this.  Read More

Mastermind Group Program for Social Entrepreneurs

What is a Mastermind Group?

By | Entrepreneurship, Mastermind Group
A Mastermind Group is as old as the industrial revolution. They have proven to work, over and over. I can say from my personal experience, that I would not be the man I am today, without the mastermind groups I have been part of! They changed my life forever. They have helped me to master my mindset, to set clear goals, and to push through in life even when things were difficult.

So what is a mastermind group? And more importantly, what is it NOT? Read More

What To Do When You’re Paralyzed by Overwhelm

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The worst that can happen when you have a lot to do, is feeling overwhelmed. It kills your productivity. Your brain’s fight or flight mechanism is activated with detrimental effects for clear thinking. If you want to get a lot done in less time, you will need to get this pattern under control before it destroys your focus. It’s the greatest paradox. It’s time to do less and slow down. Read More

Daan Gorter Story of my Life

The Story of My Life: How Mastermind Groups Changed EVERYTHING

By | Mastermind Group
After 8 years of running mastermind groups there is one main conclusion.

Dreams can come true. They really can come true. No really. I am not kidding. They really can. Really. Without a doubt. I now believe. What I thought was impossible years ago, is now unfolding before my eyes. And I am not alone. Many have joined in on this journey and experienced similar result.

In this article you will read examples and successes about participating in mastermind groups. It will help you to see that which you dream about, can really become reality. You will see WHY and HOW this works. Read More

How a Mastermind Group safes you time

How 2 Meetings per Month Will Give You an Extra Holiday per Year

By | Mastermind Group
I’m sure this got your attention! Who doesn’t want more holidays per year? You work your ass off. You deserve more free time! Right?

But. Maybe you feel overwhelmed. You are actually always short of time. You are an entrepreneur. You find it difficult to get everything done every week. You find it a challenge to prioritize and manage your time. So how the heck is doing even MORE going to allow you to do LESS in the end? Read More

feeling overwhelmed as entrepreneur

Why Other Entrepreneurs Grow Fast and you Stay Behind?

By | Mastermind Group
People asks us how we grow so fast and how we seem to have so much fun in the creation process. For us it doesn’t feel like work. We know what we do and most importantly WHY we do what we do.

In a short time we used a proven startup methodology to test, market and launch our business. We did all this is under 6 months and have guaranteed our first revenue. During the process we have had little to no stress, enjoyed all other areas of life and have had a healthy work/life balance. While testing and launching we even progressed on our long term goals and strategies.

In this article we share how we did this and why we had so much fun doing it! Read More

10 Reasons Why Being Part of a Mastermind Group is a No-Brainer

By | Mastermind Group

Concept of a Mastermind Group

What would it be like to have a tribe of passionate ambitious people around you who are also facing similar challenges? Like-minded people who want to grow, who want to discover why they are here and which gifts they have to bring to the world? What would it be like to feel supported, stimulated, motivated and cheered at for the progress you make in your personal growth, instead of being held back and questioned? What would it be like to be supported to be courageous and show up, to manifest your dreams into reality? Read More

5 Common Pitfalls for Starting a Mastermind Group

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You are convinced that a Mastermind Group is going to help you achieve more focus and get clarity on you mission in life. You know that the tribe will help you installing the accountability to stop messing around and take massive action on making your dreams come true.

So now what? How do you start such a group? Here are the 5 most common pitfalls for starting a growth tribe. Read More