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“You become the average of the five people you hang out with most.” – Jim Rohn

– Introducing the full power of a mastermind group –

You Have Awakened…

You took the bold and courageous decision to start your soul business and to unplug from the matrix. Within the deepest of your being, you feel the connection with your passion and with the gift that you want to bring into this world. You have awakened.

You take action to help others, to serve the world with your gifts. But somehow it is not manifesting as fast as you thought it would.

Running a business is tough. Which strategy do you use? Which marketing technique do you apply? Which people do you hire? How do you create an effective action plan? How do you get more done, in less time?

And maybe worst of all, it is all up to you.

Who is there for you?

Who supports you? Who tells you if you are on the right track, or if you make excuses? Who celebrates success with you, or who is there for you when you feel lost?

There is another way that I would love to share with you, which has had a tremendous impact on my business growth and enjoyment of life. This is something that cannot be underestimated. There is a good chance you don’t know about this. Well actually…

We Are Remembering…

We all know this, we have simply forgotten. The memory is millennia old.

It is to be part of a tribe. They are your team, your family of change makers. A mastermind group (tribe) supports you, encourages you and kicks you in the butt when needed.

I felt so alone before I had my own tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs. I felt lost. I felt the calling to build a business, but it just didn’t happen because I lacked real support of people who were on the same path as me.

I knew they were out there, I just didn’t know how to find them…

The first group that I started around internet marketing simply made it happen. It changed everything. I didn’t know anything about business operations, nor about marketing and sales. I did know that I wanted to use the internet to reach people – to help them.

You Become the Average of the Five People…

“You become the average of the five people you hang out with most.” – Jim Rohn

But how do you do this? How do you upgrade your peer group? Where do you find the right people? How do you structure the interactions with them to get the most out of it? How do you make sure you don’t lose time setting it up and losing them again?

You know you are a powerful peer yourself. You have a lot to offer, you just need more insights about business development. You want help. You want to surround yourself with people who also want to learn this. You want to share the journey. You want to learn from each other. Because everyone is different.

Together you are stronger than alone and you know that together you grow much faster.

Meet Tribepreneurs – We are Here…

We know you know this. We know you want this. And we want to help you.

Bringing tribes together is our passion. We bring together families of awakened entrepreneurs. We bring back the memories of tribal living.

Come taste the experience. Come meet your tribe.

That is why we would like to share this experience with you. To show you how being part of an entrepreneur tribe can transform your life and give you infinite amounts of energy.