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What do I want? What are my next moves? What makes me feel alive? What are my needs? What are my values? What makes me happy? Why am I here? Where will I steer my business in the upcoming years?

Many of us on Earth do not get to ask these questions – because they are stuck in the deep conditioning of society. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Or they are so poor that their biggest challenge is food and water – they are stuck in survival.

You have arrived here, so you are blessed to ask these questions. As much as it is a gift, it can also be a burden. What am I to do with my life, my business, my relationships? Where do I want to be? There are so many choices and opportunities coming our way every day. 

Choice overload. Overwhelm. Anxiety. Restless.

Clarity is King

To truly know who you are, where you are going and what you want out of life is intrinsically connected to your levels of self-esteem and your ability to achieve your goals.

Clarity is the child of careful thought and mindful experimentation. Knowing when and where you will do something can more than double the likelihood of achieving a challenging goal. (Brendon Burchard)

To seek clarity means to know yourself. Truly knowing oneself is an ancient old teaching, shared by many philosophers and religious teachers. But what does that mean? And how do you find this clarity?

The Promised Land

“I’ve looked over and I’ve seen the Promised Land.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Do you know what your Promised Land looks like? Where do you want to be in 5 years from now? What do you do then? What does your life look life? What does your contribution to the world look like? Who are you helping? How do you feel? What are your relationships like? What is the state of your body, your mind and your emotions?

In order to find the Promised Land, we need to know what ours looks like. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a very clear picture. Race equality for everyone. His whole life revolved around making that happen. You don’t have to become the next Messiah to define your future. But you do need to find as much clarity as you can to increase your chances of living the life you dream about. And what a gift it is to have the ability to dream, to have the freedom to define your direction and to go crush it in all areas of your life!

The Compass for the Future

Your compass is your vision. Your strategy is your world map of finding the Promised Land. S.M.A.R.T. goals lead to a plan functions as your travel gear. When you embark on your journey to bring your vision into the world, the wizard (mentor) and the fellowship (peer group) will guide you to find the treasure in the Promised Land.

Your future is in your hands. It depends on the amount of clarity you find and the amount of courage you develop to manifest the plan into physical reality. If you want to find the treasure (your dream life), a fellowship will massively increase your chances of success.

The Fellowship

They help you to overcome the dragons (the personal limitation), they will carry you when you are wounded (struggling), and they will celebrate when you achieve victory (overcome yourself). They also help you to find yourself, and to define yourself by acting as mirrors. Not only will they ask you critical questions so you can make better decision faster, they also hold you accountable to your goals. The map to find your Promised Land is thus:

Free yourself from the shackles of conditioning and programming → Truly (re)define yourself → Define your Promised Land → Create a long term strategy → Make an actionable plan → Set clear goals → Install accountability → Cultivate a habit of regular reflection and readjust your course → Surround yourself with healthy peers → Embark on the journey → Bring home the treasures

Want to learn more about how to do all of this? We want to connect you with your fellowship. We want to help you to find your Promised Land.

Download the Growth Blueprint for Social Entrepreneurs to find more clarity