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It’s not easy to bring your gifts to the world in this time of increasing distractions. How do you manage your time? How do you stay focused? What will you do today that matters the most, to bring your vision into this world? Will do you think is best, and what will actually get you to where you desire to go? Read on to find out how a peer group can help you with this. 

Defining How You Will Contribute to the World

The path to contributing to the world with the gifts that you came here in this life, starts with yourself. We all need to get a grip on our personal needs, before we can serve others. For many of us as solo entrepreneurs this was the first phase. It meant to heal ourselves of the conditioning of society, our parents and of our lineages. And this remains an ongoing process for the rest of our lives. It requires a lot of self-inquiry. It can be very lonely.

At some point we took the courageous decision to say; “I am going to start my own business doing what I love while doing what I believe in.”. I remember how hard it was to find my way. To this day, it still is difficult. It will probably remain difficult. And it has felt very lonely at many times, and very confusing. The habit of seeking clarity is maybe one of the most difficult ones. It means to define who we are from the deepest parts of ourselves.

Mentors and Peer Group

To do this all by yourselves is a huge challenge. Many of us have amazing friends and family who support us, but often cannot relate to this path. We may meet some at workshops and events about the topics of entrepreneurship but not many of us have a healthy peer group with whom we can meet on a regular basis.

A mentor is someone who can see where you are and tell you the next steps you need to take. The challenge is to find a suitable mentor who understands you and has already walked the path you want to walk. The next challenge is to connect with them and get them to help you. There are many strategies to do that, but this article is not about that.

A peer group consist of like-minded souls who share your drive for growth and taking massive action and are at the same experience level as you in your business. They have the same challenges and thus can provide you with powerful insights about how they define themselves and their contribution to others and the world. You will learn by hanging out with them regularly, how they do it so you can get there faster and with less effort. They also ask you questions about your process that you haven’t asked yourself. If you meet with them regularly they will get to know you better than anyone in your life, even your lover. This is because you share your deepest truths with them in a safe environment. They will become your go to, for whenever you are stuck. And we get stuck a lot as we grow as solo entrepreneurs.

How to get you own Peer Group

Want to know how this all works and how you can be part of such a group? We bring you together with other soulful action oriented entrepreneurs who are equal to your level of experience and face similar challenges. It will change your life forever, guaranteed.

Growth Blueprint for Social Entrepreneurs

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