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“Business owners are at a disadvantage if they do not have a set of people surrounding them to provide both counsel and support.”

A Mastermind Tribe can function as your own high-performance cross-functional team.

How much longer are you going to continue without worthy peers? Or just with 1 single business coach? The literature and research behind the power of peers are overwhelming. If well organized, a mastermind tribe can be the single most important factor in your business growth. You don’t have to go at it alone anymore.

high-performance-сross-functional-teamsCan you imagine having access to a High-Performance Cross-Functional Team (HPCF) of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs, to grow personally and professionally?

Not all teams succeed, most groups actually fail to be of value to its members. Such a group can suck the life out of you. That’s a pity because a successful group energizes you beyond your wildest dreams. This article explains what makes the difference between the two and how to guarantee maximum value for all members.

The Power of Peers

“Birds of a feather flock together. We’re all in the same boat. Great minds think alike. While just figures of speech to some, they reflect a simple truth–it’s the company we keep that often determines the level of personal growth and professional success we achieve in life.

Business leaders exchange information and ideas. They network to make deals and build partnerships. They work together to optimize best practices, and they reach out to leaders outside their companies to accelerate growth. Simply put, CEOs and business leaders provide value to one another that they can’t find anywhere else.

In The Power of Peers, authors Leon Shapiro and Leo Bottary introduce peer advantage, a concept that transcends peer influence. This is what CEOs and business leaders experience when they are more selective, strategic, and structured in the way they engage their peers. Peer advantage gives CEOs the insights to compete and the courage to act.”


Source: Amazon

How to Bring this into Practice

This is what we do with Tribepreneurs. We challenge business owners like YOU to demonstrate courage and get the support you need for your next moves.

Are you ready to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams? We invite you to join a high-performance cross-functional team, with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs. We believe the world is waking up and that you are needed. Therefore we do what we do. And here is how we do it.

The Five Elements Managed by a Facilitator of HPCF Teams

You might have been in groups that sucked the life out of you. Maybe you have been in groups that were incredibly inspiring and energizing. There are clear ingredients that separate successful HPCF teams from those that don’t work. Interestingly, researchers at Google (2015) have found that how the members interacted with each other was significantly more important than who was on the team (personality traits, knowledge level, IQ and creativity levels, having similar hobbies, socializing outside of the group, or even age and gender).

These five elements are:

  1. Psychological Safety – Do we dare to challenge each other?
  2. Dependability – Can we count on each other? Will we truly show up?
  3. Structure & Clarity – Is it clear why we come together, how we do it, and for how long?
  4. Meaning – Do we add value to each other’s businesses and personal lives?
  5. Impact – Is our work important? (i.e.: do we make a difference in the world?)

HPCF team elements


If these elements are safeguarded, your group will flourish. The effect on your personal and professional life can be quite remarkable. You will feel unconditional support throughout your development. But you will also get the necessary slap in the face if you are messing around.

It can be quite confronting. Yet, it is exactly that which makes human beings reach peak performance. We need others to keep us in check, yet we also need support during difficult times. You don’t have to do it alone anymore!

Your Results of Joining a Well-Run Mastermind Tribe

How will this help you? What can you expect when you come together regularly with your own A-Team of business owners?

With the Mastermind Tribe Program, we challenge business owners to dream big, define a vision, create an implementable plan and get into action. They do this with the support of their tribe members and under our personal guidance. And this is what you will experience:

  • Gain Focus & Direction – Create a Vision and Strategy. Align your heart and mind.
  • Get Organised – Eliminate overwhelm with clear (financial) goals and working routines.
  • Install Accountability – Eliminate procrastination and get your shit done.
  • Make Confident Decisions – If the other members cannot feel you they will tell you. This activates your intuition.
  • Cut Your Learning Curve – Adopt proven strategies from us and other entrepreneurs.
  • Balance your Life – Overachievers get slowed down. Dreamers become concrete.

We attract very special A-Players and unite them into high performing A-Teams that are changing the world. We bring 10 years of masterminding experience, 15 years of business scaling and strategizing experience and a combined 30 years of personal development.

We would love to guide you.

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