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I’m sure this got your attention! Who doesn’t want more holidays per year? You work your ass off. You deserve more free time! Right?

But. Maybe you feel overwhelmed. You are actually always short of time. You are an entrepreneur. You find it difficult to get everything done every week. You find it a challenge to prioritize and manage your time. So how the heck is doing even MORE going to allow you to do LESS in the end?

Yes, it will be an initial investment. Like everything we do in our business, it takes hard work before it pays off. In this article you will discover how two meetings a month, on top of your already way too busy schedule, are going to give you that extra holiday per year!

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What The Heck Am I Going to Do in a Meeting with Other Entrepreneurs That I Cannot Do Alone?

Good question! We know that when we do it ourselves, it is always better than when we let someone else do it right? Our main pitfall as entrepreneurs. We know best. We don’t need help. It takes so much time to explain things to someone else… before they finally understand what we mean, we could have done it ourselves faster!

But what about these essential elements of modern business operations? How do you do this now in your life?

  • Strategizing
  • Accountability
  • Growth hacking
  • High performance

Can you imagine what it could be like to have a dedicated peer group with whom you attack these challenges on a regular basis, with laser beam focus?

We are not talking about a little workshop here, or some kind of coaching. No we are talking about a group of strivers and achievers who are destined to make it to the world cup finals with their A-Player team. You have the potential to be part of that team!! Can you feel the excitement???

What would you be doing with this team? Why are you destined to live your dreams?

Gaining Clarity on What Is Most Important Today

Setting a strategy. How incredible important this is for your long term success and happiness is heavily underestimated. How will this save you insane amounts of time? Simple. You will discover exactly what it is that you need most in your life. Not per se what you want the most. No, what you need the most in this phase in your life and thus in your business.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” – Stephen Covey

What does this have to do with meeting up with a bunch of entrepreneurs twice a month? Well, through the brutal and honest mirrors of others, you filter out everything that does not serve your ONE THING. They WILL challenge you to defend your focus. They WILL ask you where you are going. They WILL challenge you to think critically about the choices you make. They invite you to set crystal clear, ambitious and realistic goals. And they will hold you accountable to take action.

What are you set out to do in the next two weeks, and how will this contribute maximally to your main goal on the horizon? Every two weeks you check in if you are still on track. This is going to save you tons of mental energy. It will give you clarity. It will save you A LOT OF TIME.

How? Because you will now have dedicated moments to think about your path. The rest of the time you have you will direct to your operations. To the execution of your plan.

Getting things done. Making it inevitable. Yes, the meetings will also assist you and save you tons of time. How?

Getting it DONE: Inevitable Progress and Success

Accountability. Deadlines. Promises to others. Financial rewards.

Pain and pleasure.

Our human brain works mainly on these two principles. You either raise the desire to get somewhere until it burns so much you cannot think about doing anything else but that! OR… you connect with the pain of not doing it. These two tactics WILL make you come into action.

It is that simple. You increase a desire. Or you increase pain. Either will make you move.

In a safe, trustworthy peer group of entrepreneurs you leverage social pressure to GET THINGS DONE. You do this by sharing your goals with the others and make them inevitable through these challenges. You can set a huge financial penalty (pain) with your peers. This works. You can also gamify your life, by challenging each other to reach goals through a reward system (pleasure).

Either or, using your peers to challenge yourself to take massive action works magic.

Can you imagine what will happen when you make those super important things inevitable? We all procrastinate, those things of which we don’t know how to do them, or feel incompetent about, or simply dread doing for whatever reason. With the help of your peers you will CRUSH them. Setting the goals and achieving them will free up huge amounts of mental energy. And you will actually get those things done that are most important but maybe also most difficult or uncomfortable.

You plan weekly the 5 most important things, 5 less important things, how much time each task will take and when you will execute them. Eat your frog first. Do that which for which you feel the most resistance. You share with your peers what you will be doing and when. You cannot procrastinate anymore.

And it will become FUN. You will share your successes and you will be applauded for them!

What about the rest? Your productivity? Your automation? Best practices? Newest technology? Newest marketing tricks? The newest insights about high performance? Have you mastered all these? If not, keep on reading how these meetings will help you with these topics and how they guarantee you more free space in life.

Growth Hacking and Sharing Best Practices

We live in a time of massive automation and technological evolution. If you do not keep up, forget about your business surviving the next years. It’s a lot. It’s quite overwhelming. Things change so fast! How can you stay up to date on the latest developments? How to keep up?

You gather forces with others. Each member of your winning team brings their own specialities. Can you imagine plugging into the knowledge and experience of a group of high performing entrepreneurs? Can you imagine having access to lives and lives of best practices? Instead of having to go through all those books, articles, training and life experience, you get to use it directly on a regular basis.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Can you imagine HOW MUCH TIME you save here? Wow… thousands of hours of experience and knowledge, all for you. Twice a month. Dedicated.

You share with each other marketing techniques, automation, personal and professional branding, the best growth hacks, how to increase your productivity and how to keep it all together. You will massively increase your quality output without burning out. You can do SO MUCH MORE when you work smarter and have more energy.

How Does This All Pay Off?

Your strategy will be crystal clear. You know EVERY DAY what your most important tasks will be. The rest is not important. Good enough is good enough.

You are held accountable. You will make procrastination a thing of the past. You WILL go the extra mile. You will be applauded. You will be rewarded. You will feel ALIVE and on track.

You cut your learning curve in half. You tap into lives and lives of knowledge and best practices.

In other words. You will free up HUGE amounts of mental energy by radically improving the effectivity of your individual output. You do this through the collective. You do this with your tribe.

And what is not mentioned but maybe one of the main drivers for your extra holiday; you will be inspired seeing others do what you may have thought was impossible at first hand. You will see others achieve massive goals that seemed enormous. You will see them do it joyfully and faster than you’ve ever seen before. You will start to believe. “Oh, if he/she can do it I can surely do it to!”

Monkey see, monkey do.

Open your eyes.

Open your imagination.

Trust. Your dreams are destined to come true.

It won’t be easy. But what fun are things that are no challenge?

The reward is enormous.

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