Getting things done. Productivity. Efficiency. 20% effort that leads to 80% results. There are thousands of books, seminars and workshops about productivity. How do I get the most out of the only thing that is limited in this life? TIME.

The clock is ticking. Second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour. It doesn’t stop, accelerate or slow down. The experience of time is subjective though. It feels like it slows down, goes faster or comes to a standstill.

A growth tribe will help you get a handle on the following topics:

  • Purpose in life
  • Getting things done
  • Time management
  • Structure
  • Accountability
  • Focus
  • (Work/life balance)


Why am I here? What is my mission? What is my purpose? You are not alone in this quest. It’s part of the human condition. We all want to know why we are here. A growth tribe is going to help you 10 times faster to these answers by sharing this question in the group. Fellow member will ask the right questions to get you there fast. They:

  • Can reflect your thoughts and emotions objectively.
  • Are able to detach from the limits that you put on yourself and make you believe in yourself.
  • Will give you the breakthrough moments that make success inevitable.
  • Will believe in you, so you will believe in you too.

Time savers

The more you get to focus on which goals you need to achieve today, in order to get to where you want to be in the future, to faster you will get there. If you share this process with others, they will help you from avoiding the mistakes they have already made. Instant win-win.

Learning to structure your activities and prioritizing is super important. By sharing your process with others through a weekly or biweekly meeting, you will learn to structure your goals beyond anything you can achieve on your own.

This will lead to a happy work-life balance. It will help you to work hard and get results. It will help you to let go and relax when you are not working. You will know that you are on track. The other members in the group will reflect your progress and celebrate your victories together.

How to Get Things Done

Because you share your goals you are automatically inclined to pursue them. You will save a lot of time by getting a grip on procrastination. We all have this. I have this too. I know what I need to do, but when there is nothing but myself to hold me accountable, I am prone to self-sabotage and avoidance. Usually the most difficult tasks are the ones I postpone the longest. Because I share these goals with others, I feel motivated to get them done because I don’t want to arrive empty handed. It’s a very simple yet very powerful tool to GET THINGS DONE.

All of the above is going to lead to eagle eye focus on what you need to do NOW to get to where you want to be in the future. We all have an idea of our ideal life. It is not going to arrive by itself. You will need to take massive action in order to change old patterns and habits. It’s not easy. Doing it side by side with others is going to make it fun.

Seeing others do what you want, and breaking through their barriers, is going to inspire you to go the extra mile.

Work/Life Balance

Knowing what you are here for, having a clear structure to set goals and achieve them, installing the accountability to make it inevitable and optimizing your productivity will give you peace of mind. It will give you the satisfaction that you are doing the right things, right now. The tribe will help you with this process by stimulating you when you feel less motivated, and to call you back when you are taking on more than you can handle. They will remind you of how far you have already come. They will support you when you are having setbacks.

It cannot be underestimated what the value is of such a group of people who are serious about growth.

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