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What is infinite intelligence and how can you invite it into your mastermind group?

This article describes the theories behind expanding your consciousness in order to evolve. Then it goes into how this is brought into practice by Tribepreneurs. It concludes with the ripple effect this will have for your business and personal development. It also shows how it has a profound effect on your relationships and last but not least – your mission here on Earth.

Introduction to Infinite Intelligence and Tribepreneurs

In order to become a clear channel for your soul mission to deeply incarnate into your physical body, it is necessary to evolve beyond limiting beliefs, beyond time and space while expanding your spiritual connection.

Who doesn’t want that?

At Tribepreneurs we evolved the mastermind model further beyond its origins. You can find the original description by Napoleon Hill, in his famous book Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill’s 13 Principles – Think and Grow Rich

After 25 years of researching the most successful entrepreneurs of that time, Napoleon Hill found they all had 13 principles in common. His book describes a hierarchy of developing yourself, which starts with desire and ends with an evolution of your sixth sense. We can speak from experience that the ‘theories’ described in this book are as valid as they were 100 years ago. An essential part of the 13 step evolution as described by Hill, is the Master Mind.

The Master Mind as Described by Napoleon Hill

In the book he defines the Master Mind as follows:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”

visualizing the 13 principles

Working Principle of Infinite Intelligence

And the working principle, a concept that will be deepened in the rest of this article:

“The process of mind blending here described as a “Master Mind” may be likened to the act of one who connects many electric batteries to a single transmission wire, thereby ‘stepping up’ the power passing over that line by the amount of energy the batteries carry… Each mind, through the principle of mind chemistry, stimulates all the other minds in the group.”

What we experience within the tribes we guide according to this model is that a ‘field’ is opening up during the sessions. A subtle shift in energy is felt. Emotions start to flow and spontaneous breakthrough moments occur. This is possible due to the deep psychological safety that is experienced by the members – something we take great care of within Tribepreneurs at the start of each tribe’s journey. It allows the group to surrender into the field and tap into spiritual intelligence.

Spiritual Intelligence and the Sixth Sense

The term Spiritual Intelligence was first introduced by Danah Zohar in her 1997 book ReWiring the Corporate Brain. It resonates with the term infinite intelligence which Hill used to describe potential of the Master Mind: “Infinite Intelligence is the force that gives order and origin to everything in the entire universe. It is the prime source, the first cause of everything that comes into existence.”

According to Stephen Covey, “Spiritual intelligence is the central and most fundamental of all the intelligences, because it becomes the source of guidance for the others.”

It basically creates harmony between our internal processes. To better understand this, Richard Griffiths of created an image to show the relationship between spiritual, rational and emotional intelligence:

visualizing sq, iq, eq

What we experience in our tribes and as originally described by Hill, is that through a well-run mastermind tribe, you amplify your connection with the universe, and thus your spiritual intelligence, which then thus grows your intuition and your connection with the source – improving your sixth sense.

Why is this important for your business?

The Importance of Altered States of Consciousness

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

In order to evolve yourself and thereby your business, achieving non-ordinary consciousness is essential. Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal write about it in the book ‘Stealing Fire’ – which describes how flow states are being used by the most recent most successful scientists and entrepreneurs, and may have been used for as long as we exist…

Building a company is a constant trial and error process, where you are invited to test, validate and roll out new ideas on a continuous basis. You will run into limiting beliefs, fears and blockages within yourself. The mastermind tribe helps you to overcome these issues by joining forces with other like-minded evolving souls such as yourself. They will amplify your connection with the infinite intelligence in order to solve problems from a different state of mind. This is done by coming together on a regular basis in the spirit of harmony. At Tribepreneurs, we have evolved the mastermind model in accordance with the needs of modern society in order to achieve non-ordinary states of consciousness to get out of your head, into your heart, and to overcome obstacles that are inherent to growing your business.

The Birthing of Tribepreneurs

Tribepreneurs was founded in 2018 by Daan Gorter and Reinier Maarschall with a mission to help humanity awaken to its fullest potential. The mastermind is used as a model to bring entrepreneurs together in a psychologically safe environment. The founders Daan and Reinier experienced massive transformations in their personal lives through the use of spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, indigenous practices, plant medicines and the use of the mastermind model. Daan has been building mastermind groups since 2011 and has been deeply involved in the work with Ayahuasca since 2014. Reinier has been practicing meditation for more than 15 years and participated in a wide variety of personal development programs, including the Spiritual Intelligence training of Altazar Rossiter.

Together they have deconstructed and rebuild the mastermind model. With this they included the latest research on group dynamics in order to maximize the model for business and personal development.

Free Growth Blueprint

Your Evolution within a Group Run by Tribepreneurs

The tribes that we build with Tribepreneurs consist of 4-6 individuals who have been carefully matched by their experience levels and ambitions for their businesses. The groups come together biweekly for several months and practice the essentials of the model, in order to continue independently for a longer time. Within a tribe meeting, each member gets a so-called 20 min hot seat. The other members then focus their full attention on you and you alone, to act as power amplifiers for your connection to infinite intelligence.

Business Evolution

By observing the hot seat moments of other entrepreneurs, you cut months of your learning curve. They share not only struggles, but also victories and successes in the fields of marketing, sales and product development. They show you ways you have never considered before.

During your journey you receive exercises about mission, vision, strategy and setting a clear actionable plan in line with your deepest values. You (re)discover your WHY. Successful companies understand that “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” – Simon Sinek

Intellectual Evolution

You are asked to fill out a form as a preparation of your hot seat answering the following: What is my ULTIMATE question for my hot seat? Which steps have I taken already? What is the desired outcome of my session? How do I want to be helped by the group? You will read each other’s forms prior to the meeting and asks unraveling questions. This helps to rationalize and conceptualize the challenge at hand. Within the meetings, you ask each other more questions to challenge your mind to think about the situation from multiple perspectives that did not consider before. It helps you to evolve your mental understanding and thus your intellect.

Emotional Evolution

Within the meetings, a high level of psychological safety is maintained. According to Google’s research, this is the main factor for team effectiveness. We have evolved the mastermind tribe program by starting our journey with a kick-off meeting. Here we share with each other our fears, desires and needs of the tribe and also agree on ground rules of interaction. This creates a safe space to take off your masks and show your naked truth at every moment. What we see over and over is that within just one meeting, tears are flowing and hearts are opened. People feel deeply safe with each other, even without ever having met each other before. You practice being vulnerable with each other, and this has a profound effect on your emotional evolution. You become more emotionally intelligent – increasing your capacities to recognize your own emotions and that of others.

Spiritual Evolution

The safety within the group combined with intellectual and emotional development opens the doors for growing your sixth sense. At Tribepreneurs we call in the spiritual intelligence at the start of each meeting, to work with us, through us and around us. The goosebumps that we feel are signs that a field opens up and the members are being connected with a force of intelligence that resides within all of us here on Earth. The power of creation of the Great Mystery that we are all part of. For those who have had unity experiences through meditation, yoga, plant medicines, fasting or any other kind of modality, know what this means. You become one within the tribe. Walls of resistance crumble down effortlessly. You break through your own glass ceiling with the unimaginable power and support of your mastermind buddies. Something ‘magical’ occurs.

A Ripple Effect throughout your Life

You can probably imagine what the effects of the mastermind tribe are for your evolution. It will help you to dive deeper into your purpose, your relationships deepen because of increasing emotional intelligence, you get a better intellectual understanding of the challenges you face and you will feel more aligned in every moment. You become happier, more structured and more effective and overall much more fulfilled which increases your service to the world. You will get more done in less time. You’ll feel a deep sense of inner peace and purpose on your path.

If you are ready to deepen your connection with the infinite intelligence and evolve on all levels, we warmly invite you to join the movement sign up for a free mastermind try-out or join a mastermind group with like-minded entrepreneurs.

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