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Stop Doing it Alone. Grow Your Business Together with Your Tribe

Mastermind Tribe Program

Tribepreneurs is a platform for entrepreneurs who want to lift themselves and their business to a higher level.

With a mastermind group you embark on a journey which challenges you to grow personally and professionally. Within this tribe of like-minded people, it comes down to ONE thing; your naked truth.

The Power of a Mastermind

  • Your own personal advisory board
  • A strong support network makes growing professionally effortless
  • Tap into the super intelligence of the universe with the Mastermind
  • A clear mirror of others reveals blind spots, fears and limiting beliefs

Your Results of Joining

  • Make strategic decisions aligned with the mission of your business.
  • Improve your effectivity. Learn to focus on that which matters MOST.
  • Set clear financial goals and make a plan to achieve them.
  • Solve business challenges faster with the help of your tribe.
  • Increase your output by installing accountability.
  • Learn authentic marketing and sales

The Journey of the Tribes

Gain Focus & Direction

Create a Vision and Strategy. Align your heart and mind.

Get Organised

Eliminate overwhelm with clear goals and working routines.

Install Accountability

Eliminate procrastination and get your shit done.

Make Confident Decisions

If they cannot feel you they will tell you. This activates your intuition. 

Cut Your Learning Curve

Adopt proven strategies from other entrepreneurs.

Balance your Life

Overachievers get slowed down. Dreamers become concrete.

Matching Your Tribe

Lift Each Other Up

Our perfect fit matching criteria:

  • Business Experience and Yearly Revenue
    • Startup: less than 1 year experience
    • Growth and Scaling: 3-5 years experience
    • Leadership: more than 5 years experience
  • Financial target for the next 12 months
  • 90 Day Goals
  • Intuition and life experience. We match using our gut feeling.

Is This Program For You?

  • You run your own business, love it and want help
  • You would like to learn from like-minded business owners
  • You enjoy sharing your best practices with others
  • You desire unbiased feedback from people who deeply feel and understand you
  • You want to surround yourself with people who are serious about growth
  • You dare to be ‘selfish’ and express your deepest needs in the group

The Experiences of Previous Members


Tribepreneurs Participants


Avarage Rating


Combined Years Personal & Professional Growth

Gather Your Tribe

Surround Yourself with Those Who Move in the Same Direction!

Gather Your Tribe

This is Why we do it

“The Mastermind Tribe opened up new ways of running my business.”

Bas SmeetsMaak Jouw Impact

“My insight is that this model brings exactly what each member needs.”

Talitha VrugtAbeng - Aligned Branding

“I have finally started a big project which was on my mind for years.”

Carolin ZeitlerWriter, Coach & Facilitator

Your Tribe is Waiting for You!

Get help from a tribe of like-minded, purpose-driven entrepreneurs. The Mastermind Year Program starts May 2020. All of the work is guided by either Daan or Reinier

1 Hour Weekly MastermindOpen Mastermind


(ex. VAT)
  • Wednesday 09.00-10.00h (GMT+1)
  • 4-6 Business Owners
  • Instantly Solve a Challenge
  • Meet New Leaders
  • Brainstorm New Ideas
  • Share Skills and Strengths
  • Share Resources
  • Make New Connections
  • Max 3 Sessions Per Year, Per Person


Mastermind Tribe Year ProgramMost Popular


(ex. VAT)
  • 2.5h Virtual Meetings – Every 3 Weeks
  • A Deep Journey with 5 Business Owners
  • Apply Structure and Follow your Gut Feeling
  • Access to Weekly 1 Hour Sessions
  • Business Training Material
  • Progress Tracking and Buddy System
  • Deep Personal Support
  • + Additional Bonusses


Leadership Tribe ProgramExclusive


(ex. VAT)
  • 2.5h Virtual Meetings – Once a Month
  • Includes 4 Live Training Days
  • 5 Advanced Business Owners
  • Includes all Elements of Year Program
  • + Strategic and Scalability Training
  • + High Performance Habits Training
  • External Trainers
  • Optional Board of Elders Placement


Together, We have a Dream