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Mastermind Tribe Program

Stop Doing it Alone. Grow Your Business Together with Your Tribe

Tribepreneurs is a platform for entrepreneurs who want to lift themselves and their business to a higher level. By joining the mastermind program you’ll embark on an intense transformational journey which challenges you to grow personally and professionally. Within a tribe of like-minded people, it comes down to ONE thing; the naked truth.

So take off your masks, and with your feet in the dirt, discover what is needed to fully step into your power. Next to that, there will be a focus on strategy, goal setting and growth scenarios, but also on you as an entrepreneur, human being and I AM presence. Raw, inventive, vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

How does it work?

You meet every two weeks to receive 25 mins of full attention of the group. You present your ULTIMATE question to your tribe. We ‘open the field’ where members ask unravelling questions, share networks and resources and shine a light when you are in the dark. They also give you a kick in the butt if you are postponing.

Why join us?

Tribepreneurs challenges you to jump into the dark and provides you with a safe bedding.  Not for a soft landing, but for an inevitable take-off. To the New You, the New World and the New Age. Your tribe will encourage, stimulate, and challenge you, and unconditionally support you as you grow.

The Program Brings You

Benefits & USP's

Growing Together

You observe other entrepreneurs in their growth and cut months of your learning curve. 

Intellectual Development

The mastermind helps you to rationalize and conceptualize through the minds of others. 

Gain Emotional Intelligence

 You increase your capacities to recognize your own emotions and those of others.

Spiritual Development

The safety within the group helps to grow your sixth sense and become ONE with your tribe. 

Mastermind Ripple Effect

 You grow effortlessly on your path as an entrepreneur – with ease and flow.

Mastering the ‘Master Mind’

Tribepreneurs facilitates your tribe and then helps you to transition into self-guided leadership.

Mastermind Program Outline

Mastermind Tribe Meetings

Every two weeks you come together. You prepare yourself with the provided template. You read the forms and ask each other question before the meeting. We personally facilitate the process, helping you to unravel your ultimate question at the beginning of each hot seat. We manage the group dynamics to ensure everyone stays on topic and on time. You set goals every two weeks and use the power of accountability of the tribe to progress.

Kick-Off Meeting

We set a container to explain the ground rules. We maximize psychological safety and explain effective group dynamics. You share your fears, desires and needs in relation to the group. You tell the tribe what you come to bring, but also what you want out of it. You share what success means to you, and how you are going to feel successful at the end of these 3 months.

Matching Your Tribe

Lift Each Other Up

We take the matching process very seriously, which is essential for lifting each other to a higher level. You are matched on the levels of experience, ambition and personality.

We commit together for being on time, keeping agreements with each other, and take action on that which we say we will do.

You WILL be challenged! You WILL be inspired! You WILL be invited to be vulnerable. You WILL be asked to take responsibility.

Is This Program For You?

  • You want to massively cut your learning curve
  • You want to surround yourself with people who are serious about growth
  • You are willing to give AND open to receive
  • You know you have more potential and are eager to unleash it
  • You are smart and you know it
  • You have personal insight, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, attitudes and beliefs
  • You want to live more from the heart, and use the mind as a tool but not as the captain

NOTE: These tribes are for people who are able to listen and actively participate. If you are a loner, always need to be right, are unwilling to help others, not ready to grow yourself, and/or act like a victim, this tribe is NOT for you!

“The Tribepreneurs model is a beautiful example of reuniting business paradigms that has a more holistic approach that includes transparency, and the perceived need and desire to work in collaboration and partnership. That also speaks to the need to shift to a place where people and planet are more important than profit and yet at the same time acknowledging we are still embedded in a capitalistic society. Planet and people before profit.”

Keef Wesolowski-MilesAwakening the Wild

"My insight is that this model brings exactly what each member needs. People who are stuck in their heads a lot learn to feel and open. People who often go out of connection experience the power and loving embrace of connection. People who are naturally committed to giving, learn to take and receive. People who are busy making others visible, see and discover themselves. Often not even the formulated goal, but the power of the open field, provides that what is needed."

Talitha VrugtABENG - Shine your light

The Tribepreneurs program helps me to crystallise my vision and then teaches me to translate that vision into strategy by setting goals. The tribe helps me with continuity. They help me to keep weaving big projects into the same mission and vision of myself. It’s been a great place for non-judgemental accountability. When I pose a hot seat question they give me what I am looking for, from their deepest wisdom and from a true selfless place.”

Job JuttenKambo Practitioner

Gather Your Tribe

Surrounding yourself with others who are moving in the same direction guarantees progress!

If you want to scale your business, being surrounded with others who want to do the same will skyrocket your progress. To target a new market with existing services and products, the same story holds.

Surround yourself with others who move in the same direction and guarantee constructive progress!

Your Tribe is Waiting for You!

Transform your business with the help of a tribe of like-minded, purpose-driven entrepreneurs by evolving on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Our next program starts end of December 2019.

Bring Your Own TribeSelect Your Own Tribe


(ex. VAT)
  • 6 Months Mastermind Tribe Program
  • You bring Your Tribe, We Facilitate
  • Small Tribe of 5 Like-minded Entrepreneurs
  • First 3 Months Facilitated by us
  • Last 3 Months Self Guided
  • Ongoing support during the last 3 months
  • Mastermind Program Training Material

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Mastermind Year ProgramMost Popular


(ex. VAT)
  • 1 Year  Mastermind Tribe Program
  • Personal Intake
  • Manual Group Matching
  • Your Tribe with 5 likeminded Entrepreneurs
  • Personally Facilitated by Daan or Reinier
  • Kick-Off Meeting
  • 6 Mastermind Tribes Meetings via Zoom
  • Mastermind Program Training Material
  • Transition Guidance to become self-guided

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Mastermind VIP ProgramExclusive 1 Year Program


(ex. VAT)
  • 1 Year VIP Mastermind Tribe Program
  • Contact us for details about this program and the entry criteria

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