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Achievement without Fulfilment is the Ultimate Failure

Inspired by one of the highest paid personal coaches on the planet (Tony Robbins), this article describes simplified how to be successful in your life, way beyond the old paradigms of what success used to mean. Because what does it mean to be ‘successful’ in our lives?

What does success mean for you? It’s probably different to how your friends, family and maybe even your lover define it. Why is that? Aren’t we all SO unique? So how do you achieve a state of fulfilment in life, when everyone’s path seems so distinctive?

In order to be successful in life, we need to understand the difference between the science of achievement and the art of fulfilment. You can teach anyone to make money, you can teach anyone to have a healthy body or build a successful business. It is much more difficult to teach someone fulfilment in life because it is much more an art than a science. Depending on what we value in life and how we fulfil these values, we experience a sense of fulfilment. This article aims to give you insight into this art of life.

Define WHAT you really want, and WHY you want it!

Most people chase the things in life they believe will give them the feeling state they are actually after. We have been taught for a long time that more money, a better job, a different relationship or a different car is going to make us happy. Not many have been taught that underneath those results are actually ways to achieve certain feelings, emotions or states that they desire.

If You Don’t Know Your True Values, Prepare for Pain

Valuing something means putting importance to it. People are not clear on the difference between means and ends values. If people want more money and you ask them why, it’s usually about experiencing freedom, being able to grow personally, or having a sense of security. The value underneath the means is what we pursue in life. That’s why it is so important to know your deepest values. This is an art that takes time. Practice and repetition are key. The hierarchy of values determines your decisions, which ultimately determine your sense of success and fulfilment in life.

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The key to success

In our mastermind tribes, we start the kick-off with a definition of success. It is beautiful to see how unique each of the members respond. For some it means leaving a legacy, for others it means securing income to send the kids to university and for yet another, it means having enough free time to meditate and be in nature. Whatever it is, you need to define your unique definition of success. Write it down today! Feel deeply into your heart – what does success mean for me?

The Mastery of Fulfilment

Even though you can learn the science of achievement and master the art of fulfilment, there will be days that life seems to be against you. Dark and difficult moments are part of evolution. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much you achieve. True mastery comes from being in the present moment. By being here now you can feel the sun touch your skin, enjoy the taste of delicious food and feel the emotions that flow through your body. Choose to be in a beautiful state NOW. It’s a decision.

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