Why do it Alone if you can do it Together?

Learn how to Join Forces to Grow your Company

Strive for your dreams with a dedicated team of like-minded entrepreneurs. It starts with this first step.

What is it?

  • An online intimate meetup of 1hr with (social) entrepreneurs
  • An experience of a small tribe of 5-10 people
  • A meeting to join forces with others to solve your biggest challenge
  • A place to look at business operations from a holistic perspective, including your own growth

What is the result of joining?

  • A renewed view on your business
  • Fresh energy and the courage to make the next concrete moves
  • Applicable perspectives on running a business in this new age
  • Meeting enthusiastic conscious entrepreneurs
  • A feeling of homecoming, knowing that you are not on your own
  • A lot of fun and love!

What do I need to attend this event?

  • Click the Attend Button, and fill in your details
  • Put the date & time in your agenda
  • Open the confirmation e-mail after subscribing (check also your spam folder)

“The Tribepreneurs model is a beautiful example of reuniting business paradigms that has a more holistic approach that includes transparency, and the perceived need and desire to work in collaboration and partnership. That also speaks to the need to shift to a place where people and planet are more important than profit and yet at the same time acknowledging we are still embedded in a capitalistic society. Planet and people before profit.”

Keef Wesolowski-MilesAwakening the Wild

"My insight is that this model brings exactly what each member needs. People who are stuck in their heads a lot learn to feel and open. People who often go out of connection experience the power and loving embrace of connection. People who are naturally committed to giving, learn to take and receive. People who are busy making others visible, see and discover themselves. Often not even the formulated goal, but the power of the open field, provides that what is needed."

Talitha VrugtABENG - Shine your light

"The Tribepreneurs program helps me to crystallise my vision and then teaches me to translate that vision into strategy by setting goals. The tribe helps me with continuity. They help me to keep weaving big projects into the same mission and vision of myself. It’s been a great place for non-judgemental accountability. When I pose a hot seat question they give me what I am looking for, from their deepest wisdom and from a true selfless place.”

Job JuttenKambo Practitioner