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The Statistics

97% of Consumers Search For Local Businesses on the Internet (Adaptive Marketing, 2018)

​​A Dream…

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch

You feel there is something bigger than yourself that wants to be born. You know it is up to you to bring this vision into the world.

Your business is a great vehicle for this. You want to follow your gut feeling. You want to share your deepest truth with others.

But you probably cannot do this alone, right? And probably don’t want to do it alone either.

Stop Dodging the Bullet and Show Yourself

As a small business owner, you probably know that you need to have an online presence. And for that, you need to overcome your visibility resistance.

So why don’t you show yourself more online and improve online visibility?

In 2020, the times of hiding are over. If you believe you are here to do great things, it is time to get out of your cave and get on stage.

online visibility resistance

Main Reasons for Resistance

As we are social creatures, we have a bunch of fears around becoming visible. It seems to trigger our fight or flight mechanism. Why?

  • Rejection. If we are not accepted (liked) by others, we may feel rejected. This triggers our survival mechanisms in the brain. If we do not belong to the group, we might not have survived (on our own in the wild).
  • Feeling ordinary. Who am I? So many others are already doing what I am doing. I don’t bring anything new. This too, is a common obstacle of becoming visible.
  • Perfectionism. Taking forever to write a text, find the right image, or the right headline.
  • Lacking skills. Some have a natural talent for text and image, or even for recording videos. If you don’t, you are one of the many. That’s good news. Because these are skills you can learn.
  • Fear of Failure. Going from dreaming to action… means you can fail. Nobody wants to fail. It is safer to keep dreaming.

Overcome the Resistance – The Heroes Journey

Just do it.

It sounds simple. But this is really it. Just do it. Get yourself together, gather the courage and then just do it. If you are unable to come into action yourself, consider installing accountability from a peer group or mentor.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain

So get out there into the unknown. Go on the journey. Slay the dragon. Save the princess. Show yourself. Share your vision. Come back home with the gold.

improve online presence

5 Tips to Reduce Online Visibility Resistance (and enjoy it)

From personal experience, I can tell you that it is possible to transform your resistance into joy. How?

  1. Favorite Form. Some enjoy writing, while others prefer to create videos or podcasts. Find the way that you enjoy the most. If you don’t know it, experiment and discover.
  2. Beliefs. If you are telling yourself that social media marketing is not going to work for you, it won’t. However, billions of people are on social media every day and this number is only increasing. Stop telling yourself that you have no place on social media. It’s time to bring your vision into the world. And social media is a great stage to pitch your story and inspire others.
  3. Consistent Practice.  I wanted to get better at recording videos. I’d never done it in my life and felt highly uncomfortable. A friend invited my for a 365 Video Challenge. Record 1 video each day and put it online. I can guarantee you I got better at it. Now I feel super comfortable in front of a camera.
  4. Skill Set. 20% learning. 80% doing. Read books about copywriting. Watch videos about creating videos. Expand your hard skills. Improving your skillset leads to more confidence. When you get better, you will enjoy doing it more. This will lead to more practice. It is a positive reinforcement loop.
  5. Together – Get Feedback. In the 365 Video Challenge, I was part of a group of people who wanted to get better at recording videos. This worked like a charm. It is motivating to see others consistently go at it. And, we all need some accountability. We can also use feedback to improve. In the 365 groups, we commented on each others’ videos and gave uplifting and critical feedback.

Why you need a Content Strategy

To overcome your resistance the above tips and tricks are enough. To maximize your impact, you need a strategy. But don’t worry about a strategy if your fears of visibility are still blocking you. Take it one step at a time.

A complete content strategy contains the following key points:

  • Audience: who you are creating it for
  • Pains: which problems you are solving
  • USP: what makes you unique
  • Formats: video, audio, blogs etc.
  • Channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.
  • Management: creation and publication process


Online marketing is going to keep on growing.

The world needs you. Your mission here is important. It’s likely you cannot do this all by yourself and you probably don’t want to either.

Social media is an amazing way to get in front of an audience.

Overcome your fears and resistance. Let the world meet you. Allow others the opportunity to join you in making this world a better place.

Share your message. Inspire. Get better. You got this.

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