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What is Vulnerability?

“Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It’s tough to do that when we’re terrified about what people might see or think.” – Brené Brown

So what is Brené actually saying here?

What is ‘showing up’? We can say that showing up is being fully present. We can say that ‘being seen’ is removing all of the masks that hide any part of our true nature.

Why do we carry these masks?

We have been conditioned to believe in order to be loved and accepted by the outside world, we have to act and behave a certain way that conforms to the standards of society.


It Starts with Why

Most companies in the world know what they do and how they do it, but not many actually know why they do it. The world is changing fast and people are moving beyond the old conventions of marketing. Customers nowadays want to know the true motives of a company. The world is waking up – people want to buy from companies with motives that are aligned to serve humanity and the earth, instead of just serving the profits of the company.

The whole idea of branding for business is to do with the look, touch and feel that people experience when they come in contact with a company – not just the product.

Essential Ingredients for Selling Your Service or Product

In order for people to buy from you, there need to be a few essential ingredients.

First, they need to know about you. Secondly, they need to like you and finally, they need to trust you. There is another way of looking at this: They need to have a problem that they are aware of. They need to trust that you have the ability to solve it for them. Lastly, they need to have the finances for a solution. Both perspectives are equally important; and for both perspectives, the level of vulnerability that you are able to express is determining the success of your business.

In the end, the final determining factor is trust.

Increasing Your Influence; it’s All about Trust

If you want to massively increase the reach of your business, you need to craft your message to the world. With crafting your message comes your personal story. People want to know why you do what you do!

If they know why you do what you do, it’s more easy to like you and definitely more easy to trust you. The more you are able to communicate why you do what you do through authentically and vulnerably sharing your story, the easier it will be for people to trust you.

Take some time to think about this.

When are the moments that you actually bought from somebody new?

When do you actually pay someone to help you?

Before you knew about them, chances are you would not buy from them. Before you liked them, it was also very unlikely. Only when you knew of them, liked them, and trusted enough that they could actually help you, you gave them your money.

Really, let this information sink in for a moment…

Being Vulnerable is Not Always Easy…

So it’s pretty obvious…

There is an incredible value in learning to be vulnerable as an entrepreneur.

It is definitely not easy.

When you are serving your customers from the heart, it usually becomes more difficult to actually fully show yourself.

Why is this? Again, because we have this belief that we have to portray this idealistic and impenetrable strong image. These are our masks. Let’s let the masks go and show ourselves authentically, and in this way, we are able to connect more deeply to each other. This forms a really strong bond of trust.

But there is a risk to this.

What is the risk? Well, when you are really doing what you love, somewhere deep within your brain, the fear of rejection increases. The fear of failure becomes bigger because it is more personal and it is more outside of your comfort zone.

It is a paradox. One would think that the more authentically you live your life, the easier it is as well. But for many of us, including myself, this is actually the opposite.

The Results of Being Vulnerable

What are the results of practising vulnerability?

Can you think of a few?

Some hints have already been dropped earlier in this article.

Just imagine the outcome when you authentically share yourself with the world. Just imagine how much easier it is for people to get to know you. Just imagine what the result will be over a period of 5 years when you learn to show yourself fully to the world – without any masks, without any hidden agenda, and just to truly share who you are and why you do what you do.

The more authentically you share your message with the world, the likelier it is that you will attract the right customers. Attracting the right customer means a lower cost per lead, overall lower marketing costs, happier customers, less effort on your end and a significant increase in your revenue.

Practising Vulnerability

After all, practice makes perfect. What if you could surround yourself with a group of people where you could feel so safe that it allows you to drop all of your masks and share your deepest thoughts with others?

This might feel a little uncomfortable at first. It is for many people.

We have realized this at Tribepreneurs through sharing our message with the world. When we show people during live demonstrations what a tribe meeting looks like, we start with a one-minute check-in. We sit opposite of each other, set a timer for 1 minute and share with each other, and with the group, how we feel in that moment (presence and showing up). We do this by going inside and observing our thoughts and emotions before we express them. This is usually quite difficult when a group of people is watching you – especially when meeting these people for the first time.

After the check-in, we put people in groups and let them repeat the process. Then, we open another round of sharing. Within these rounds, we use certain hand gestures so that the person sharing is not being interrupted by the others. This creates a safe space.

People often report that they have never experienced anything like this before. Some report that they didn’t know they were able to open up so deeply to a group of strangers. Some people laugh ecstatically. Some shed tears. It is really beautiful to experience.

More often than not, these people leave these groups sharing a much deeper connection. Those that they saw as strangers, in the beginning, they saw in the end as family.

The Link between Vulnerability and Business Development

By joining these kinds of meetings on a regular basis with a group of the same people (your tribe) you will learn to open up deeper than you may have with most people in your life – maybe even deeper than with your partner, best friends or parents. The result of this, for your business development, is quite astounding. Whatever is holding you back from taking the next bold step to grow your company, will be unveiled in the meetings. Because the others in the group are fully present while you share and do not judge you at that moment, you will have breakthroughs that are simply impossible to achieve on your own or with your friends.

At Tribepreneurs, we build tribes of heart-based entrepreneurs. These tribes are based on the mastermind model. What makes us unique is that we create a safe space where you can practice vulnerability.

If you are keen to have a little taste of what this could be like, we warmly invite you to experience a Mastermind Group try-out session.