After 8 years of running mastermind groups there is one main conclusion.

Dreams can come true. They really can come true. No really. I am not kidding. They really can. Really. Without a doubt. I now believe. What I thought was impossible years ago, is now unfolding before my eyes. And I am not alone. Many have joined in on this journey and experienced similar result.

In this article you will read examples and successes about participating in mastermind groups. It will help you to see that which you dream about, can really become reality. You will see WHY and HOW this works.

My First Time…

In the very first mastermind group I saw others do what I deeply believed was impossible. We lived the hero’s journey. The helped me to B E L I E V E. They were my first mastermind buddies. I am forever grateful to each one of them. They inspired me through attacking their dreams head on and sharing their victories and challenges. Openly and honestly.

This is not for everyone. It is not for the faint hearted. It is not for the ones who value safety and certainty in life over anything else. It is for those who Steve Jobs talked about:

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

Are you one of these crazy ones? Then this article is for you. It will help you to see and believe even more.

The Beginning of this Adventure – Graduating

I just graduated from the Technical University in Delft with a Master’s Degree in Aerospace engineering. For many of us in this society, a really important and valuable achievement. 7 Years of intense studying, hard work, lots of setbacks and LOTS of disappointments. It was a real victory I can tell you!

I was still standing. I was still breathing. I celebrated my survival and achievement by going to Burning Man in 2014. Two days after the presentation of my thesis I was standing in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA on one of the most radical self-expressive events on the planet. But that is not what this article is about. It is about finding your way, challenging the status quo and making your dreams come true (Burning Man was a BIG dream also). It was the beginning of something much more profound and big than I could have ever imagined at the time.

‘Los Lobos’ Mastermind Group

Upon returning from the US, the world was telling me to get a job and get some payback for all the hard years of studying. A part of me was hearing that calling, and feeling the pressure. The mastermind group Los Lobos, that I was part of at the time, helped me to define my direction. One weekend away with them I had a major breakthrough insight that changed the course of my life forever…

An Amazing Job Offer @ the Dutch Aerospace Laboratory: Revelations

That same Friday morning I had been interviewed for a job at the Dutch Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) as a human performance analyst. A job that connected well with my interests and could be a great first step to a flowering career. The pay was good, the company young and fresh, and the work challenging. I would work on the performance of pilots in the cockpit. How can we increase their workload without compromising their performance? A great question that I would have liked to discover!!

That weekend we went away to a house in the forest with our mastermind group Los Lobos. Through a session that night something profoundly ‘clicked’ for me. (If you don’t know me; I am a huge pacifist. I really do not understand why we fight wars on this Earth. I don’t understand why people make a serious profit from starting and running wars.)

Was I really considering a job at the NLR? All of a sudden I had a moment of revelation. Of course I was not going to take a job with a company which next to commercial air travel also has military projects!! I called the company on Monday morning to tell them I wouldn’t take the job. Friends and family around me called me crazy. ‘What? You don’t take that job with that degree after 7 years of intense studying?’

They didn’t get me. But my mastermind buddies did. I ended up traveling the world for a couple of years, worked on myself and found my passions. Now I only do what I love and what is in line with what I believe and value. A world without war. I could never have done this difficult choice without them. I would have taken that job, out of fear, out of insecurity, out of a desire for safety and certainty. Now I wake up every day FULL of energy, drive, motivation and enthusiasm. Thanks to those years after Delft traveling to remote places and discovering more about life itself. And thanks to Los Lobos.

Time to Get to Business!!

After my travels I came back to the Netherlands with the desire to start two businesses. One was ‘easy’. I knew what I wanted, why I wanted it and how to do it. It was a matter of doing it.

The other however I didn’t have a clue! I knew I needed in-depth knowledge about online marketing. I had the dream to build a scalable, location independent internet company. Yet I knew next to nothing about these topics.

Where do I start?

What will my product/service be?

Who is my ideal customer?

How do I reach my customers?

I felt very overwhelmed but knew this was something I wanted to attack head on. Then one day I attended a personal development seminar. One of the visitors stood up and told the crowd he wanted to start a mastermind group around online marketing.

I raised my hand.

It changed my life.

The ‘Online Eindbazen’ Mastermind Group

We started the Online Eindbazen mastermind group. One hell of a journey of 2 years, meeting every two weeks. Mostly we met up in real life, but while I was traveling the US, Brazil, Panama and Asia we met up online. It worked like a charm. I tried and tested different forms that would fit with my core values and passions. The group challenged me on a regular basis, especially in the moments when I didn’t see a direct result of my efforts. They held me accountable. They supported me. They challenged me. And they gave me regular deep constructive insights that allowed me to make moves much faster than I could have ever done alone. Ever…

The result: I found a business partner in the process and together we founded Tribepreneurs!

What about the other members?

One guy was still studying at the beginning while running a company with two others. Something wasn’t sitting well for him. He couldn’t put his fingers on it. We investigated his motives, asked him critical questions and pushed him to have the talks with his partners that he was postponing. We invited him to step out of his comfort zone. We challenged him to make that ONE call which he knew was going to bring him new clients.

Within 2 years time he quit his studies, left the company, started traveling the world while serving high ticket clients. He recently shared that this amazing transformation could never have happened without the mastermind group. He realized that now he was living his dream life! And that this seemed unthinkable two years ago. He moved through several huge projects in a year time, resulting in his own startup!

Another member of that group found the accountability to next to his fulltime job, expand his work on his health and NLP blog from a hobby to a profitable business. His visitor count changed from 10 per day to 1000 per week in less than 2 years! Thanks to the mastermind he made the move to finally quit his job and to dedicate himself fully to his new business.

Tribepreneurs is Born

Without the last mastermind group about online business, I would not have met my business partner. We would not have founded Tribepreneurs. I would not be writing this article right now. Before this business mastermind I was experimenting for a couple of years already without real success. I kept on trying new things, yet never finishing what I started. The group held me accountable to set a course and go crush it. They flew with me over the mountains of success and pulled me through the valleys of setback.

We all have it in life.

We all experience it in our businesses.

We all need a tribe!

It changes our lives forever!

The impossible becomes possible.

You will start to believe too.

Do you want to experience this?

It has helped me (Daan) to accomplish several dreams. The latest dream is the birth of Tribepreneurs together with Reinier. A dream come true!

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