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Do you feel the calling? The calling to heal the world, to heal yourself, to feel empowered and ecstatic? Do you also feel there is much more to life than a mundane way of living as promoted by the ever consuming capitalistic system that is currently ravishing and dominating the Earth?

If you feel the call to live your mission, the reason you chose to be here on Earth, then keep on reading, because we are Awakening.

We are ready for this new world. Are you ready to join the family and awaken to the tribal revival?

Remember your true nature

We are awakening to our truth. We are remembering our true nature, our soul’s purpose and we are remembering that we are all one. We are remembering what family really means. We are remembering we are one race and that we are children of the same father and mother, the sun and the earth.

It is the archaic revival.

It is the spreading of ancient knowledge all over the Earth as we speak.

It is the fulfilment of many prophecies, religious and non-religious.

All thanks to the ancient teachers who have safeguarded this knowledge for thousands of years, passing it on from generation to generation.

Mastermind Groups as Tribal Technologies

The indigenous who walk the Earth right now reminds us of the pure way of living. For example, the Yawanawa (‘The Wild Boar People’) and the Huni Kuin (which means ‘The Real People’) are coming out of their villages in the Amazon Rainforest to spread their teachings. At the Condor Eagle Medicine Festival here in Brazil where I am right now, they unite with other tribes to hold a ceremony with sacred plants. Through this work, we are all awakening further to our mission in life. We gather as brothers and sister around the sacred fire to realize the unity of all that is.

“The Yawanawa community and their allies are developing a new model of sustainability that allows the Yawanawa to protect the rainforest and engage with the outside world on their own terms, without losing their cultural and spiritual identity.” – From Wikipedia

By coming out, not only do they protect their own environment, but they also show us a new (forgotten) way of living life. Within their villages, the cook is just as important as the master shaman, the chief or the children. They show us that the big divide we experience in the West is not necessary. Instead of promoting individualism which the destructive capitalistic system is doing, they show us that if we operate as one tribe, everyone’s needs are fulfilled and the whole tribe can live in abundance and joy.

At Tribepreneurs we bring back this wisdom by gathering heartfelt entrepreneurs in tribes. We use the mastermind group model for this, which is a century old concept used by many big industrialists in the past. We bring in the love, joy and social support that we have learned through the teachings of the rainforest, to create alliances that will bring forth positive change. Change which is well needed if we are to survive these difficult times on the Earth. You are one of those change makers right?

The Tribepreneurs Growth Tribe Model

Inspired by Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind Group Model, Tribepreneurs is bringing you and other entrepreneurs together in tribes in order to help each other remember who we are and why we are here. We create a sacred safe space where we invite the members to share themselves openly and fully. Initially, this may feel uncomfortable with unknown people but you will see that after only a couple of meetings you are able to really open. The safe space is maintained by using sharing techniques that our indigenous brothers and sisters have been using for thousands of years and we in the West have simply forgotten.

The Mastermind Group Program that we offer can be an opportunity for you to join a support tribe for your growth as a person and as an entrepreneur which can last a lifetime. We have seen it happen over and over. Bringing heartfelt action driven change makers together in a support group with the mastermind model has helped many to come out of their comfort zone, find confirmation for the path they are walking and to break through in difficult times.

Growing is Challenging and Painful, so why Do It Alone?

I don’t know about you, but I find that challenging myself to grow outside of my comfort zone (where the real magic happens) is often difficult. In order to grow, I need to do things that I haven’t done before, which means, in the beginning, I lack the confidence to take massive action on it.

I remember at the beginning of self-development path I felt lonely. My close friends and family did not share the same drive for growth as I did. I lacked likeminded courageous people who were ready to massively transform their lives. So I started the first mastermind group for personal development in 2011 and it transformed everything. I overcame myself and life started to flourish.

Later when I started my first business I face the same issue. This motivated me to launch the first business mastermind group in 2016. My fellow tribe members have always helped me to believe in myself so that I did it anyway. I felt the fear but I did it anyway.

Whenever that growth put me in places that were unknown to me, they were there to give me the emotional support that I needed to keep going. Not only that but also through their overcoming of fears and challenges I got SO inspired that I started to believe in the impossible. I now live a life full of purpose. I don’t feel alone ever again in the unfolding of this journey of life.

You are Invited to Join the Family

I wish you the same. I wish for you to find the courage to open yourself up and show yourself to the world fully, to unleash the infinite potential that lives within you. I know you know this is a truth that is written here. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made it this far into the article. We are Gods and Goddesses. We have the power of creation within all of us. We can make our dreams come true.

Our dream at Tribepreneurs is to start a movement of a tribal revival in our Western culture so that we may once again thrive on the Earth as One Race. One people. Remembering who we are. Taking care of ourselves, each other and the Earth.

At Tribepreneurs we are looking forward to meeting you and invite you into the family and learn these tribal technologies.

Will you join the change maker revolution with us and join forces in one of these tribes?